Smart move

Got myself the Treo 650 today, a so-called smartphone: mobile phone and organiser in one. Why? Because my mobile phone contract was at its "end", KPN has a very compelling offer subsidizing the purchase, I like these kind of gadgets and because I am in the process of establising a mobile venture so need to know what’s going on first hand. Hmm, enough justification for this toy I guess. The KPN package does not only contain the Treo, but also TomTom navigation software, a Bluetooth headset and a car cradle. What more does a man want? Well, a good price for my Sony Clie TH55 that I have put on Marktplaats for sale. Put the Clie up for sale last night, first offers arrived but are not attractive enough. Meanwhile I need to spend some time on getting my Calendar and Contacts data transferred to the Treo and synced with Outlook. Few hickups, other than that I hope it will turn out to be a smart move.

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