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SMEs vs. WTO

On Tuesday I hosted a press conference at press centre Nieuwspoort in the Hague. After extensive lobbying and networking for about 3 weeks, I was able to get the weak position of European SMEs on the agenda in the Netherlands. As the Dutch representative of SUN&SUP, the "voice of the European start-up community", we are arguing that the European Union must act now to preserve rights for European SMEs in the new WTO agreement, equal to American SMEs. On the photo left, Prof. Henk de Haan, member of parliament for CDA, on the right Loek Hermans, chairman of MKB Nederland. A story in Dutch can be found here, English press release and all supporting documents here. While you are at the SUN&SUP website, please sign the on-line petition. All those who helped me getting access to the right people in the last couple of weeks, thanks again. Hopefully we’ll have the necessary impact!

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