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Ease of doing business in 2006

It’s more difficult in one country than another to do business. That’s the idea behind a study published last week by the World Bank, ranking 155 countries on a set of criteria including Starting a business, Hiring and firing, Getting credit, Protecting investors, Paying taxes and Trading across borders.
For 2006, the top 3 countries in terms of "ease of doing business" are New Zealand, Singapore and the United States. The only two European countries who made it to the Top 10 are Denmark (8) and the UK (9). The Netherlands is showing up at an embarrassing 24th place. Any politicians around looking for ammunition to make some business friendly, sweeping changes?

New episode

Five years after founding ThreeFive Photonics, it’s time to move on. It has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, but first and foremost a tremendously valuable experience in entrepreneurship. So much that I think I got addicted to it. Most of 2005 I have been working part time, to build a new company in parallel, Qelp Mobile Solutions, thereby leaving the semiconductor industry and going back to my mobile roots. For the past 2 months I had to get full time engaged again to work on a management buy-out for ThreeFive. Have not been able to complete the MBO before September 1 unfortunately. Good luck guys, I hope you will be successful in finishing the process quickly.

Party time

Internet activity was sold today to publisher Sanoma’s division Jonge Gezinnen. A joint press release will be issued at a later stage, today the contracts were signed. was founded 6 years ago as a portal to help out parents plan, organise and run all aspects of a child’s birthday party. If you have kids you know what a headache it can be, in particular if your time is limited. I happened to come up with the original idea, but my wife and her friend Marie Emma as Founders deserve all the credits for building it from scratch. The potential of the concept and the site can be further unleashed, the acquisition by Sanoma illustrates recognition of that potential. It was interesting to lead the negotiations, we had several interested parties. Today we are creating our own party to celebrate the finish of this venture!

Elevator Pitch per Podcast

Getting venture capital for your company isn’t easy and it starts with getting the attention of a VC. Do you send him an email, an old fashion letter, a cold call, stalk around his office or better, an introduction through someone you know well? Venture capitalist Fred Wilson received his first Elevator Pitch Podcast: fitting nicely in today’s blogging, tagging and Podcasting buzz. For the techno entrepreneurs among us and early adopting VCs who know all about this stuff or better invest in it. Innovative clearly, but even more so another example of the continuous flood of new applications created by combining existing technologies. Apple has released a new version of iTunes that supports Podcasting, so get the elevator pitches out!

UPDATE: the new iTunes version 4.9 even seems ready for syncing with your mobile phone – if not the iPod enabled phones were still missing

The most difficult thing on the planet…

…sometimes seems to be hiring people, I mean the right people. Found an excellent article about how to identify a product manager that fits a start-up environment. I have had my share of blunders in hiring people, will see that I post one or two of these stories in the near future.

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