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Time to blog!

It’s about time to post a sign of life. My last item on this blog is from December 2, 2005, it seems like ages ago.
When do you blog most? When you have lots of time and nothing to talk about or when you are extremely busy and no time to blog? I don’t know. It goes back to the question why does someone blog in the first place. Several people have already tried to answer that question. First of all, blogging has become so mainstream that there is no longer one type of blogging, look at Wikipedia’s overview here for example. Then, blogging is a personal thing, reasons for wanting to blog vary from person to person. So, instead of trying to list all the reasons why other people blog, let me list mine:

  • I have always wanted to be a journalist. In fact, in 1985 and 1986 I was a freelance journalist for Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, writing background articles for their Economy section. I remember how proud I was, seeing my name appearing in print. It demanded however so much time next to my job as a management consultant, that after some time I could not cope combining the two any longer. But the passion for writing remained. Some day I may want to write a book – if books still exist then…
  • Blogging is an experiment to me. I am fascinated by technology and am an early adopter in more than one respect. Technology changes our lives faster and more often than we sometimes realize. The best way to learn about a new technology, is to practice it and that’s what I am doing. Practicing to discover.
  • Blogging to me is also a way of communicating with people I know but who I do not meet on a regular basis. My blog is a way to keep others posted on what I am doing and thinking. In addition to running Qelp as a company, I try to contribute to national and European debates about how we can stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. To me this blog is a helpful medium to express my opinion and be able to point people to it as reference in an email for example

But perhaps in a couple of months or years, I get bored with blogging and stop all of a sudden. Russell Beattie, a mobile specialist who works for Yahoo, had tens of thousands of readers a day, and just stopped overnight (by no means can I compare my articles to the professional, in-depth analyses he would post). He posted on average 3 articles a day for several years and then all of a sudden closed his notebook. I use Bloglines as an RSS reader and Russell had a blog that I would read, every day.

Having said that, let me try to improve and start blogging again about what’s happening. Speak to you soon: in blog or in person. meets

We did not meet in cyberspace, but in zoo Dierenpark Amersfoort this Sunday, sort of in the middle between the villages where we each live. We met through the Internet since we are both holding a domain containing our last name: (Bert) and (me). It was quite funny to meet another Deelman as it’s quite a small family and we do did not have any direct ties. Sort of like the excitement of an Internet date I guess? Well, we each brought our kids to the zoo as ice breakers. We both share an interest in blogging, anything related to technology and Internet, we both measure approximately 2 meters and we are both interested in acquiring which is still unused. Perhaps we should create a Deelman foundation (or business ;-) for that domain, offering each Deelman in the Netherlands to have his or her own email address and blog space…

New look

The new version of WordPress (1.5), makes it so much easier to change the skin of your weblog, that I could not resist the temptation. I picked the (appropriate) theme Relaxation with a visual of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York at sunset. No particular reason for that choice, other than that it’s a beautiful picture and the Dutch once owned Manhattan…

Blog family

While blogging is mushrooming towards 50 million blogs worldwide, true bloggers consider each other still one big family. Chances that your real world brother, sister, nephew or grandson starts blogging increase as a result. I found another Deelman family member here, who even helped me upgrading to WordPress 1.5. Thanks a lot Bert, hope to meet you in the real world soon! …after helping me get some bugs out of the way…;-)

So indeed, after 6 months of absence I am back in the blogosphere. The much improved user friendliness of WordPress together with some fresh discipline hopefully provides more blogging frequency!

New blog picture

Installed new blog picture, existing picture was redesigned by Pim to fit the WordPress template I am using. Our house is recognizable for those who know us better. Thanks Pim!

Blog spam

Interesting, got this blog live just yesterday and today more than 30 comments left on my first posts! More fanmail than I expected on such short notice, but of course, it was just spam about some great casino offerings. Installed plugin SpamWordBlock that should stop this unwanted fanmail. To watch the next few days…

First toe in the water…

And here we are, first post at I have had this Internet domain as "early" as 1999 but up to now not used the webspace coming with it. I realised in 1999 that having your lastname as an Internet domain represents some value: each family member a truly personal email address for life. Fortunately, the name Deelman is not very common in the Netherlands or elsewhere, so it was not that tough to hunt it. Today, Google generates some 20,300 hits for "deelman". There is a remote Deelman family member who put up a well functioning website at where you can find the digital pedigree of the Deelman family in the Netherlands – in case you would want to know all about the Deelman heritage (?). Getting in 1999 with Euronet Internet costed me NLG 450 per year, over 200 Euros. Now in 2004 with ISP 123XS, I pay about half that amount for a far better service. Technology has brought us many benefits, hopefully the spam filters and security shields will keep up with that pace…

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